Technology is...

Changing the

very concept

of privacy

In today’s world of digital and physical transactions, your privacy is at risk.

There is a thin line between use and abuse

LEAP protects you by reducing the risk of how information is used and shared by today’s largest global companies.

LEAP explores the...

Technology & Biology

Of privacy


User experience

Machine learning


and more...

to provide the best solutions in the business of privacy

this isn't a simple "work with us" message, it's a call to...

join a movement

on the frontlines of privacy and commerce.

Today’s enterprises must move quickly to earn and retain your business while staying one step ahead of the ever-changing data privacy landscape. LEAP needs you to help partner with organizations and individuals to provide leading-edge solutions in the race for privacy protection.

"Okay?" You might be asking.

It's great to talk about the business of privacy, but...

what exactly are these solutions you're building?

…We can’t tell you quite yet.

Our job is to keep our work out of the wrong hands. We’re looking for people who are collaborative, purpose-driven and creative. But more than that, we need people on our team who believe in the mission to safeguard privacy amidst 21st century interactions.

Sound good?